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4 Ways To Help Keep Your Child Excited About Learning To Play Music

keep your child excited about learning to play musicIf you have a child that is just picking up a musical instrument for the first time, there’s a good chance their initial excitement and enthusiasm will begin to slow down.

Kids are naturally going to lose some interest when learning to play music, even with a great teacher, plenty of practice space, and a brand-new instrument, as it requires a fair amount of discipline that younger people may struggle with.

However, given the countless benefits of learning to play an instrument as a child, there is plenty of reasons for parents to try and encourage them and keep them excited about learning to play music. Here’s 4 tips that will make the job much easier!

1. Let Them Choose Their Own Instrument

This couldn’t be more important – always let the child choose what they want to play. There may be some pivots from their initial choice but it’s important that they discover their own interests when it comes to certain musical instruments.

Forcing an instrument on them only fosters resentment towards the entire concept of learning to play music, so avoid it at all costs. Always get their input when choosing an instrument and they’ll be more likely to stick with it.

2. Encourage Performances and Always Attend Them

With any hobby it is always important to encourage setting goals, and there are fewer better goals for a child learning an instrument than performing live. You want to encourage them and keep them engaged, be sure to arrange regular music recitals and performances and always make sure you attend them.

Come performance time, your child will be incredibly excited, since practicing for a performance is a big motivator. When they see you attending their performances, they also get a massive sense of accomplishment, having achieved the goal you initially encouraged!

3. Be Their No.1 Fan

This probably won’t take much effort, but you should always aim to be the main cheerleader when your child plays an instrument. Even when they are feeling less confident about their playing, which is common during early learning stages, always take the time to encourage them and say how much you enjoy their music.

The best way to do this is to simply listen to them at home. Ask to hear what they’ve learned, encourage them to put on impromptu shows at home, and inquire about their progress so far. When you show a genuine interest it only motivates and excites them to play for you!

4. Celebrate Every Victory

Children learning to play an instrument are going to have their moments of doubt and discouragement, so it’s important that you celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how small it appears.

This doesn’t just mean giving them verbal praise, although there should be plenty of that, but also setting up rewards for when they achieve something, such as a family dinner, ice cream, movie night or anything they may appreciate.

Consider writing down any achievement they tell you about their learning process, as this makes it easier to remember so you can praise them, which fosters a positive attitude where they want to continue playing and get through those rougher moments.

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